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Our skilled maintenance teams tackle immediate issues and develops a long-term preventive strategy. This approach mitigates problems, reduces expenses, and boosts property demand.

A full-service maintenance solution to make your life easier, and increase your property value.

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What makes TRIO different?

Fixed-Price Maintenance

Trio The Difference offers something unique in the market of property maintenance, a fixed-rate service with upfront pricing. This eliminates the need to calculate m2 and waiting on quotes. Our fixed-price packages are pre-built services based on the most popular needs of property owners and homeowners in London. 

Workmanship Guarantee

We go beyond the handshake to deliver quality you can be proud of. Every job done by Trio The Difference comes with a 12-month guarantee on all workmanship done by us and our our professional teams of tradesmen and contractors. 

Best Prices in London

As a solutions-driven company, TRIO offers multiple services across multiple industries. This gives us an advantage over our competitors as we provide you, the customer, with more for less. At the heart of any good business, we believe lies the need to solve a problem effectively and affordably. This is why TRIO can beat any quote or price you receive from any reputable contractor in London!

Professional Teams

Qualified professionals ready to help you. All TRIO teams are qualified and trusted in their industry and their expertise. We go through great lengths to put together the best teams of contractors and professionals London has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Property maintenance refers to the regular upkeep and management of a property to ensure it remains in a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing condition. This includes tasks such as cleaning, repairs, and preventive maintenance to name a few.

It is recommended to have regular property inspections for maintenance at least once a year. This helps identify any issues early on and allows for timely repairs or preventive measures to be taken.

In London, property maintenance is crucial for both commercial and residential properties. In the commercial sector, proper maintenance ensures a professional and inviting environment for businesses to operate smoothly. For residential properties, maintenance helps create a comfortable and enjoyable living space for residents.

Ensuring the property is safe and habitable, conducting regular maintenance checks, addressing repairs promptly, maintaining heating and plumbing systems, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards are all typical responsibilities of London landlords.

Trio The Difference provides an all-in-one property maintenance solution for both commercial and residential properties. These services can handle various tasks like cleaning, electrical and plumbing repairs, painting, landscaping, gas installations and general upkeep to ensure your commercial property remains in top condition. 

Commercial maintenance

Any real estate or building that is primarily used for business purposes, such as offices, retail stores, warehouses, or industrial facilities.

residential maintenance

A real estate or dwelling primarily used as a place of residence for individuals or families, such as houses, apartments, or condominiums.

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