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Become a Skilled Handyman

Learn in-demand skills for a rewarding career in property maintenance with real-world experience.

Kickstart Your Handyman Career with Trio's Training Academy

Trio is a leading property group in London, specialising in top-notch maintenance, refurbishment, and contracting services. We understand the importance of skilled tradespeople, and that’s why we launched the Trio Handyman Training Academy.

Our Academy is designed to equip individuals like you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rewarding handyman career. Go beyond theory and learn directly from experienced engineers through hands-on training. You’ll master essential skills relevant to client expectations, from tackling common maintenance tasks like painting and repairs to understanding materials and creating competitive quotes. Plus, upon successful completion, talented graduates will have the chance to secure a position within Trio.

Ready to transform your passion for practical work into a successful career? Enrol in Trio’s Handyman Training Academy today!

Who should apply?

Young or New Tradespeople

Looking to expand your skillset and gain valuable experience working alongside seasoned professionals.

Career Changers

Whether you’re coming from a different industry or looking for a fresh start, this program equips you with the hands-on skills to succeed.

Do-It-Yourself Enthusiasts

Ready to take your DIY skills to the next level and turn your passion for fixing things into a fulfilling career.

Gear Up for Success: A 4-Week Training Program

Learn about common hand and power tools (impact driver, combi drill, etc.). We’ll emphasise safe tool usage, proper maintenance techniques, and how to choose the right tool for the job.

Impact Driver
Combi Drill
Circular Saw
Silicone Gun
Paint Brushes
Paint Rollers
Painting Trey
Extension Pole
Measuring tape
Sanding Paper
Decorators Tape
Grouting tool

Dive into practical exercises focused on essential maintenance skills clients expect. From painting and decorating to replacing locks, taps, and fixtures, you’ll gain hands-on experience tackling real-world scenarios. Problem-solving techniques will be a key focus, equipping you to handle unexpected challenges on the job.
Demystify the world of materials! Learn about different types of silicones, wood fillers, adhesives, paints, and more. We’ll explore their properties and appropriate uses, empowering you to select the right materials for any project.
Go beyond technical skills and delve into the business side of being a handyman. Discover how to create professional and competitive quotes that win you clients. We’ll also provide insights into effective customer communication and basic project management techniques, ensuring you can run your business smoothly.

Train Directly with Experienced Engineers

Unlike traditional courses, Trio offers hands-on training alongside experienced engineers who work in the field every day. This provides real-world insights, practical tips, and a chance to learn from seasoned professionals.

Learn What Clients Actually Want

Many courses focus on theory, but Trio’s program emphasises the specific skills and knowledge needed to meet client expectations in the handyman trade. You’ll gain an understanding of common maintenance tasks, client needs, and how to deliver professional service.

Fast-Track to a Rewarding Career

Trio’s program offers a clear path towards a fulfilling career. You’ll not only develop valuable skills but also have the opportunity to be considered for employment with Trio upon successful completion (bonus opportunity). This gives you a significant advantage over graduates from traditional programs.

Launch Your Career with Trio The Difference

Stand out from the crowd! Upon successful completion of the Handyman Training Academy, a select group of graduates will have the opportunity to be considered for employment with Trio.


Put your skills to the test

Gain valuable real-world experience working alongside our team of experienced engineers.


Join a leading property group

Trio offers a dynamic work environment with opportunities for growth and development.


Build a successful career

We invest in our employees and provide ongoing training and support to help you excel in the field.

Selection Criteria

While successful completion of the program is a prerequisite, we’ll be looking for graduates who demonstrate exceptional:

Technical Skills

Gain valuable real-world experience working alongside our team of experienced engineers.


The ability to think critically and find solutions to unexpected challenges.

Work Ethic

A strong work ethic, dedication to quality, and a willingness to learn.

Team Work

The ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and clients.

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We are Trade Accredited

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If you need more information on Trio's Handyman Academy, you can either contact us or message us on WhatsApp.

The program equips you with the skills and knowledge to launch a successful career as a handyman. You can choose to be self-employed, work for a property maintenance company, or explore opportunities in related fields like refurbishment or contracting. Additionally, outstanding graduates will have the chance to be considered for employment directly with Trio.
The program combines classroom instruction with practical exercises, focusing on essential tools, handyman skills, material knowledge, and business practices like quoting.
While prior experience is not mandatory, basic DIY skills and a physical fitness for manual work are recommended. The program is designed to equip individuals with a strong foundation, regardless of their background.
Specific details about class timings and the weekly schedule will be provided to accepted applicants. However, the program is designed to be intensive and immersive, likely requiring a time commitment during weekdays.
Financial aid or scholarship opportunities are currently not available. However, we encourage you to explore external funding options that might be applicable.
Yes, upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion from Trio’s Handyman Training Academy.
We maintain a small class size to ensure personalised attention and maximise learning opportunities for each participant.

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