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Wyke Road SW20

Our latest venture boasts the creation of nine luxurious apartments, setting new standards in eco-friendly living within the heart of London.

What made the Wyke Road project unique and different to London?

Full Eco Spec.

Wyke Road’s nine luxury apartments boast a full eco spec, showcasing TRIO’s dedication to environmentally conscious design and construction.

Electric-Only Parking.

Pioneering greener mobility, our development features electric-only parking spots, aligning with reduced urban air pollution.

Solar-Powered Living.

Integrated with PV systems and battery storage, ensuring sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for residents.

Community Contribution.

TRIO has generously gifted land back to the council for local Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) to enhance accessibility.

Alton High Street, London

A Symphony of Luxury and Sustainability

The Wyke Road development is a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability. From the meticulously designed interiors of each apartment to the eco-conscious infrastructure, TRIO has crafted a residential masterpiece that not only elevates the living experience but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

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