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Park Hill, London

TRIO transformed Park Hill through exterior repairs, painting, window replacements, and roof upgrades for a modern, resilient look.

What makes the Park Hill project unique and different to London?

Exterior Revitalisation.

Comprehensive external repairs and painting, breathing new life into the aesthetic appeal of all blocks.

Window Replacement.

Meticulous window replacements were executed, marrying modern design with functionality, and ensuring visual cohesion.

Guttering Upgrade.

Our project included a strategic overhaul of guttering systems, fortifying the property against water damage and contributing to long-term structural integrity.

Roof Works for Durability.

TRIO implemented strategic roof works, enhancing both the durability and overall resilience of Park Hill against the elements.

Park Hill, London

A Complete Exterior Revitalisation

TRIO’s maintenance division revitalised Park Hill, London, enhancing both aesthetics and durability with comprehensive exterior repairs, painting, window replacements, and strategic roof upgrades, showcasing our commitment to elevating and preserving residential spaces.

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