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Ducie Street, Clapham

Transforming Victorian buildings into high-spec apartments that preserve architectural heritage while introducing modern luxury in London SW4.

What makes the Ducie Street project unique and different to London?

Historic Transformation.

TRIO undertakes the conversion of Victorian buildings in Clapham, infusing the area with modern living while preserving its historical charm.

Architectural Heritage.

We preserved the architectural heritage of Ducie Street, ensuring a seamless blend of classic and contemporary design elements.

High-Spec Apartments.

Our innovative approach unveils Ducie Street as a collection of high-spec apartments, featuring modern amenities and luxury finishes.

Victorian Elegance Revived.

With each high-spec apartment, a harmonious fusion of history and modernity in London SW4 is revealed.

Ducie Street, London SW4

Victorian Elegance Transformed

In the heart of Clapham’s Ducie Street, TRIO’s collaborative effort between Home Development and Contracting divisions has transformed historic Victorian buildings into a collection of high-spec apartments. This project successfully preserves the architectural heritage while introducing modern amenities and luxury finishes, reviving Clapham’s Victorian elegance for contemporary living in London SW4.

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